Was Banned for hot micing?

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Sat May 04, 2019 2:22 am

hi, my name on the server is connor, came back into arma just out of random luck and found your server koth u2 infantry and it was awesome, i play blufor most of the time and i practically coach the team, but if another person is there on the team then im making call outs. well my mic sensitivity is low but i usually have on the mic button, i guess i held it down to many times in the heat of the game and got banned. this is a bummer because i always support the server, have fun and am in no way toxic or play music etc. literally i only use my mic to make call outs and coach or give instructions to the team. i wanted to see if i could get un banned because i love the server and wish to continue to play, ive been on "ts" ive been on discord and this ban happened right in the middle of a major battle! Ive aet up
membership and i love the server, thanks for the help and thanks for your time!
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